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  • Disney & PS 253 Presents: The Lion King (Kids Experience)

    PS 253
  • PS 253 is proud to be a Showcase School

    On December 7th PS 253 will be hosting our 1st showcase school visit.  The showcase program is designed to recognize, celebrate, and share promising practices across NYC DOE schools through active, transformational learning experiences. Our area of focus is Cultivating Student-Led Learning Through Metacognition.  Please click onto the introductory video hosted on this page to view a sampling as to what to expect. The children, staff and entire PS 253 community enjoyed the creative video making journey and look forward to the visit!

    PS 253

Middle School Information

 Welcome to Middle School Admissions!

 Middle School Results Letters are now available! 

If you submitted a New Middle School Application in March, your results letter may also include a match to a new middle school program. You will have to choose which match you'd like your child to attend if you get two matches.

Most middle schools will have an orientation or other event to welcome families. You do not need to register at your middle school; the registration process is complete by receiving your results letter. 

If you just moved to New York City and are not yet enrolled at a school for the 2016-2017 school year, learn how to enroll on the New Students page.

For more extensive info on middle school admissions please visit the official NYCDOE middle school information page

Please contact Gina Dacchille, Parent Coordinator, with any questions or concerns at 347-563-4693 or email



PS 253 & Disney Presents: The Lion King Kids!

PS 253 & Disney Presents: The Lion King Kids - VIDEO!

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